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Telephonic Data Collection (TDC)

The Precision Opinion Telephonic Data Collection Center (TDCC) is first-in-class and one of the largest CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) centers in the United States.  Precision Opinion Headquarters, located in Las Vegas, NV, is equipped with 650 on-site CATI stations that are Voxco optimized.

All of Precision Opinion’s work is conducted in-house and in the United States.

Precision Opinion’s modern phone center’s hi-tech capabilities allow real-time reporting to help keep you up-to date with the progress of your critical research needs . Precision Opinion’s continually trained research associates assure interviews with unbiased results and quality collection practices.

Precision Opinion was established with the expressed purpose of delivering uncompromising data and service to the research industry. To meet that objective, we installed the newest state-of-the-art survey hardware and software using the Voxco platform. The phone room reflects over two-decades of experience and vital input from the market research industry – by project managers who require timely project flow information with on-time delivery, and by senior analysts who require uncompromising data and verbatim reporting.

Precision Opinion does not sell “pre-set” data collection packages / facilities. Instead, we develop a customized research services program for every client. Our dedication and experience means that our data is completely trustworthy.

650-CATI Stations

900+ Specialty Trained

Research Associates

500,000 Surveys Completed Annually

First-Class Client Services and Project Management Team

Live Recordings and Quality Assurance

Real-time reporting of project status

Interviewer historical performance

data and analysis

State-of-the-Art Data Disaster Recovery Systems

A Look Inside the Data Collection Center