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Precision Opinion Focus+

Precision Opinion Focus+ is an award-winning focus facility located 100 yards off of the last Vegas Strip and 50 yards from the Las Vegas Convention Center which hosts some of the worlds most renowned and sought after trade show events. 

The Focus+ facility houses a commercial grade kitchen perfect for taste tests, a 48-seat movie theatre complete with dial testing capabilities, two interviewing rooms, and respondent lounges that are able to be transformed into whatever type space that your research requires. Every room is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment to capture your studies in high-definition for later review. 

In addition, Focus+ also has a company branded 18-passenger shuttle bus that is able to pick up and drop off respondents as needed. 

And let's not forget the Vegas-style client lounges that come complete with first-class customer experience. 

At Focus+, we have a saying - Come for the research, stay for the experience.

100-Yards off
Las Vegas Strip

48-Seat Movie Theatre

Commercial Grade Kitchen

First-Class Client Services and Project Management Team

A Look Inside the Focus+ Facility