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Capabilities and Overview

Precision Opinion, an MR² Group Company, has been providing quality data collection on insights for political organizations and social science agencies since 2006. 

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Precision Opinion houses a 650-seat CATI data collection center and a state-of-the-art focus group facility that comes complete with a commercial grade kitchen and 48-seat movie theatre.

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Thank you for taking the time to review our company, Precision Opinion, and understand how our dedication, experience and drive will make us the perfect market research partner for you and your organization.  We are all-too-aware that selecting a new data collection supplier is a lot like choosing a business partner. You need one with a sound reputation, a proven track records, and is willing to not only help you achieve your goals, but exceed them. 

We feel Precision Opinion is uniquely qualified to be your research partner for 5 reasons: 

1) Precision Opinion is a highly recognized and well regarded government sub-contractor with a small business certification. 

2) Precision Opinion meets or exceeds all levels of Government Compliance requirements. 

3) Precision Opinion is of sufficient size (650 CATI stations) to undertake any project you can dream of.

4) Precision Opinion has a long and rich history of meeting and exceeding client quality and completion requirements.

5) Precision Opinion specialized in social science research projects that contain low incidence and/or sensitive/person subject matter.

While the research industry is not lacking in data collection firms, there is a vast difference month them.  We hope that you will select Precision Opinion as your partner and experience the positive difference professionalism and teamwork make. 

Together, we'll uncover the insights that drive success. 

Leadership Team

James Medick

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Baum

President, Chief Financial Officer

Matt McCoy

Sr. Vice President, Client Relations

A Sampling of Awarded Projects

Over the las 22 years, Precision Opinion has worked on countless Political, Social Science and Government Research Projects. Here are a few of the projects we'd love to share with you:

  • Sub-contract holder for the past 16 years on the Centers for Disease Control's National Immunization Survey (NIS)

  • CDC's SLAITS Studies (Children with Special Healthcare Needs, Teen Health, National Survey of Children's Healthcare)

  • CDC's Pandemic Flu Study (Rapid Flu)

  • CDC's Parental Attributes

  • Alaska Victimization Study (AVS)

  • Florida Young Adult Tobacco Survey (YATS)

  • Florida Young Cohort Survey (YCS)

  • Florida Youth Media Evaluation Survey

  • Ohio Medicaid Assessment Surveys (OMAS - 2015 and 2017)

  • CMS QHP (Subcontractor, 2017 and 2018)

  • CMS FFS CAHPS (Subcontractor, 2017 and 2018)

  • Survey of Community Support Interventions for Mammography Screening

  • Texas Youth Cancer Cohort

  • Food and Drug Administration - FDA Public Understanding CATI Survey

  • Food and Drug Administration - FDA Food Safety

  • Food and Drug Administration - FDA Consumer Responses to Food Recalls Surveys

  • California Healthcare Exchange (CHE)

  • California Health and Technology - Legacy Foundation (CHAT)

  • Center for Public Affairs Research, NORC and the Associated Press

Plus much more...

Past Performance

Beginning in 1999, Precision Opinion has worked with two primary contract holders in support of the Centers for Disease Control on the National Immunization Survey (NIS).  The National Immunization Survey (NIS) is sponsored by the National Immunization Program (NIP) and conducted jointly by NIP, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NIS is a list-assisted random-digit-dialing telephone survey followed by a mailed survey to children's immunization coverage.  The target population is for the NIS is children between the ager of 19 and 35 months living in the United States at the time of the interview.  Data from the NIS are used to produce timely estimates of vaccination coverage rates for all childhood vaccinations recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  Along with the NIS, Precision Opinion has worked with the NIS Teen and Children with Special Healthcare needs modules.  The primary data collection method includes both land line and cellular targeting and RDD address based sample with an incidence of 2%.

Since May of 2009, Precision Opinion has worked with various State Health Departments on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration assisting with studies concentrating on Tobacco and Alcohol use. The interviews asked questions on current smoking behaviors, attitudes toward smoking and health related issues.  The initial data collection on these studies began in the summer of 2009.  The data collection collection methodology includes a process customized by Precision Opinion utilizing a combination of land line and cellular both with an IVR component to ensure confidentiality of response by the your respondents. 

Precision Opinion Overview

The Precision Opinion CATI Data Collection Center represents 20 years of experience and vital input by the market research industry project managers who require timely project flow information and on-time delivery by senior analysts who require uncompromising data with verbatim reporting. 

The Voxco CATI Command Center 3 and Pronto 6 dialer system is maintained in-house on a clustered SQL server that managers sample, quotas, coding and executes automatic skip patterns or list rotations. 

Key Components of Precision Opinion

  • 650 CATI Stations

  • Internet streaming media client breifings

  • Client identification on facility

  • Monitoring of all CATI stations

  • Predictive sample dialing

  • 6:1 Supervisor / research associate ratio

  • Monitoring combo of audio and computer screen visual

  • Remote client monitoring

  • Redundant MPLS system

  • Redundant long distance system

  • IVR capabilities

  • CATI station expansion opportunities

  • Multi-Mode: Landline / Cellular / IVR / CAWI / CAPI

  • 100% FCC TCPA and Mobile Device Carrier Compliance

Data Collection Associates and Trainings

Precision Opinion can utilize a random digit dial sample, along with an additional cell line sample, both generated based on the geographic quotas provided.  Each survey will be administered in exactly the same way for all respondents and will be programmed and fully tested prior to fielding.

We invite our clients to review each programmed survey should they so wish.  An online link for testing will be provided, where all aspects of the program can be fully challenged (skips, rotates, randomizations, splits, etc) and a system output (SOP) of dummy data for additional review.  Phone contact attempts will vary by time of day and day of week.  Calls will be spread over the field period to ensure maximum response. 

Experienced telephone interviewers will be fully trained, briefed and certified as to the purpose of the study and what to do in case that additional assistance is required, utilizing FAQ's, job aids and supervisory assistance as necessary. 

In the hands of our talented and well-trained interviewers, the dialogue told becomes an instrument for clear communication.  It is the interviewer's job to make the respondent feel comfortable with expressing their feelings about the topic under investigation.  Precision Opinion interviewers are carefully selected for their skill at this work and are trained to encourage respondents to express their feelings and to avoid biasing respondents' answers by the imposition of any subtle pressures that might affect responses to survey questions.  We always provide additional open-ended training for all interviews and correct probing for full and complete answer is reiterated at daily project briefings. 

Each project is run by an individual floor manager who is responsible for managing the supervisors and monitoring staff and the handling of sample flow along with quota management. 

The individual ensures that there is supervisory coverage at a ration of one supervisor to six interviewers and that audio and visual monitoring is held at a minimum of 10% of each interviewers work in any given shift.

The most important aspect of any survey is the front line - that is when the interviewer and the potential respondent both meet.  It is here where cooperation goals/objectives are met, or not.  No matter how well thought out a survey instrument - it is the execution of the same in the real world that determines whether or not discoveries are made to the benefit of the analyst and client. It is the interviewer's job to make the respondent feel comfortable with expressing their feelings about the topic under investigation and our training, retraining, and new interviewer nurturing is always reflective of this. 

Gaining the cooperation of respondents is a crucial interviewing skill, because achieving high rates of completion is of the key ways to ensure that the final survey results are not biased.  Non responsive bias (the un-representativeness of results due to the fact that people who respond to a survey are systematically different from this who do not) is the enemy of project-ability. 

The best way to confront this potential problem is to minimize non-response by training the interviewer to handle objections in a confident and perfectly planned manner.  We pride ourselves regarding the ability to constantly obtain high cooperation rates even in a low-incidence environment. 

In addition, we train, train and train again.  This includes not only interviewers, but supervisory staff, this allows everyone to be comfortable in their job and to work in a stress free environment.



Precision Opinion's on-site programming team will program the individual studies utilizing the Voxco Command Center software to the client's exact specifications.  An online link for testing will be provided, where all aspects of the program can be fully challenged (skips, rotates, randomizations, splits, respondent selection, etc.) and a System Out Put (SOP) of dummy data can also be provided for additional review.  Any and all revisions will be programmed and again a link provided for quality assurance.  Once all parties have completed their testing and given approval, a study is made ready to go live.. All reviews require this protocol without exception. 

Complex quotas and exact sample management is monitored real0time through the Command Center module and pronto dialers.  Algorithms are set to ensure the sample is dialed at the optimum levels and is completely customizable to ensure all project specifications are matched. 

Samples can be divided into "replicates," each a mini version of the full sample. Before a new replicate is "opened," the preceding one is worked to exhaustion.  This way, one can be certain that when the quota of interviews is complete the sample did not come disproportionately from one segment of the list.  To ensure that the effort made to achieve a random sample of households continues to reach a random respondent within that household, (e.g. studies in which there can be more than one eligible respondent in the household).  Random selection is used to determine who should be interviewed. There are various techniques for doing this - priority based on age/gender quotas will be utilized and selected by the system once the election process is approved by the client. 

Precision Opinion's sampling system can make sure the right time zone for the call is in the queue, and will keep track of the "tally sheet" for the job. The built in preview-dialers (predictive dialers will not be utilized) will pull up and dial numbers at specified intervals and, feed that dialing to the next available interviewer.  The calls are staggered over times of day and days of the week (including at least one daytime call) to maximize the chances of making contact with a potential respondent. 

Interviewing is also spread as evenly as possible across the field period.  Every effort is made to re-contact most interview break offs and refusals to attempt to convert them to completed interviews by trained Precision Opinion refusal converters. 

Response rates for Precision Opinion polls typically range from 5% to 20%; these response rates are comparable to those for other major opinion polls.  The response rate is the percentage of known or assumed residential households for which a completed interview was obtained.  The response rate reported is computed using the American Association for Public Opinion Research's (AAPOR) Response Rate 3 (RR3) method. 

In addition to response rate, Precision Opinion can report the contract rate, cooperation rate, or the completion rate for a survey.  The contact rate is the proportion of working numbers where a request for interview was made.  The cooperation rate is the proportion of contacted numbers where someone gave initial consent to be interviewed.  The completion rate is the proportion of initial cooperating and eligible households where someone completed the interview. 

Detailed system reports, production, data frequencies, sample dispositions, and dialer management are available at the touch of a button and again fully customizable.  Project status and dialing reports can be customized and delivered daily.  Reports can also be made available through a secure internet site should the client wish to access them in this fashion. 

  • Interviews can be recorded for client review.

  • Real time remote monitoring available at clients discretion.

  • Adverse events can be reported daily (seven days per week)

  • The Pronto Dialers can be set to run in preview dial mode preventing predictive dialing at all times if needed.

  • The maximum count of dials can be set and monitored as required.

Cell phone sampling can be utilized alongside landline.  As cell dialing is unique, Precision Opinion trains and works with a specialized team of senior interviewers, most of which will also be part of our refusal conversion teams. 

Call samples are loaded into our CATI software system and each single sample case is delivered by the system to an interviewer where it is hand dialed and manually dispositioned. 

  • Sufficient inbound lines can be provided and manned daily.

  • Days and times of calling for each project can be strictly adhered to.

All project managers, including both English and Spanish speaking, are housed in a single location.  The forty-thousand square foot headquerts of Precision Opinion occupies two floors of a large professional building in the heart of Las Vegas.  

  • Interviewing hours are 6:00am (Pacific) to 12:00am (Pacific) 7 Days a Week.

  • We operate multiple shifts to accommodate various studies throughout each day with availability to dial east coast beginning at 9:00am, local time, through 9:00pm Hawaii.

  • As projects demand, we are able to, and have, run during overnight hours to accommodate International time zones and client needs. 

  • Precision Opinion supervisor to interviewer ratio is 1 supervisor to 6 interviewers. 

Project Team Training



A one hundred percent (100%) dedicated team will be selected, trained and devoted to all projects including all managers (MOD’s), supervisors, team leads, monitors and interviewers both English and Spanish speaking.  


All training details will be approved, administered and/or monitored by the client.  Should Precision head up the training classes, these classes would be led by a full-time senior training staff member who is certified in similar studies meeting government contract specifications.  Our training staff in this area has between four (4) and eight (8) years’ experience in this field conforming to the exact and precise details necessary.  It is recommended that a follow up “cooperation” training takes place after the initial 5 to 6 weeks in the project.  During this class, the individuals will be assisted with gaining respondent cooperation, a vital aspect of the study.  Fluent Spanish speaking interviewers will be given additional testing and certification.  Senior interviewers, most of which are already refusal conversion (RC) trained individuals will be given additional project refusal training, to again, assist with cooperation and maintain as high a response rate as possible.